Giving Back


Swappers = Good Food Citizens


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It is really difficult for us, as proud food crafters, to know that there are people going hungry right in our own backyards.

So we are looking to our own backyards to see what we can do to help!

Sharing what we know

We are currently concocting a plan to help people in need learn how collect and can the plentiful supplies of unused fruit that grow all around us.  Stay tuned for details!

Sharing what we have

We want to encourage swappers to share what they can at each swap. 

Food pantries can only accept fresh produce or commercially prepared, sealed, non-perishable items. 

Since so many of us are canners/picklers/makers of items that have long shelf-lives, we wanted to find a way to donate these homemade items as well.  Our plan is this:  if you would prefer to donate items made in your kitchen, we will offer these items for donations and donate the proceeds to a local food pantry.

We will be collecting these items at each swap:

  1. Garden fresh produce

  2. Commercially prepared non-perishable items

  3. Home preserved items