I sadly had to miss the August Boulder swap due to a small out of town crisis, so I called on swappers Robyn, Julia, and Tiffany to help out - and they asked Manisha to man the camera, producing the gorgeous photos you see below.  Sounds like you had an excellent swap!  Thanks so much to all of you!

- Eve

Here’s how it went in their words:

We set up outside in the shade of the porch of the big Isabelle Farm Stand barn.  We had almost full attendance - I think 29 swappers showed up plus some tag alongs.  There were lots of kinds of pickled beets, and also some pickled zuchini representing what's peaking in everyone's gardens right now.  

There was Watermelon Aqua Fresca (I think it should be called "Summer in a cup"), chorizo sausage, sweet potato hummus, vegan cookies, jelly, jam, fruit butter, granola, tamales (me), salsa, beer... I could go on and on.  I didn't even have to eat dinner.  :)  

Tiffany told us all the story of how the beautiful barn came to be, and how Isabelle Farms came to the property as well.  Then she took us on a tour of the small plot they have there, (the main farmland for Isabelle is off of Isabelle Rd.)  We got to signing bid sheets after the tour, and swapped after that.  It was a nice and relaxed swap.  There were a few new people who are shareholders at the Isabelle CSA, and a couple other new faces as well - friends of swappers.  A bunch of people stuck around to drink beers and break down tables after the swap was done. We chatted canning.  I need to try it.  :)

  1. -Robyn

Isabelle Farms was a gracious host, providing numerous folding tables and lovely tablecloths. The farm stand was gorgeous, both in terms of the new building, built by the city of Lafayette, and the actual store inside of it. The store has a wide array of goods from cool artisinal sodas that help cool off thirsty swappers, different kinds of frozen meat, Western Slope peaches, honey, coffee, eggs, xeriscape plants, and, of course, Isabelle Farms produce. Everything listed above is local.

Some enticing items: Watermelon agua fresca, mint jelly, plum paste, mustards galore, salsa, green chile sauce, tamales, bread (olive, sundried tomato, plain), fresh backyard peaches, Chole Chana Masala, assorted jams, apricot and plum butters, scones, chorizo, corn butter, banana coconut rum bread, spiced chickpeas, fresh pasta.

A number of swappers seemed impressed that Lafayette residents requested that the city use the Thomas Open Space for a farm stand and organic farm after it purchased it.

A surprising number of folks went on the farm tour even though it was a sunny 95 degree day. Despite the heat, fun was had by all.

- Julia

Slices of Summer

Gorgeous squash pickles will transport you to this summer day whenever you crack open the jar.

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