Not only was our hostess's backyard the epitome of a food swap, but swappers brought tasty treats that we got to taste then take home.

Thanks to Jennifer Fey-Miller for offering up her home with less than two weeks notice, and letting us gawk at her amazing backyard with a huge garden, apple and plum trees, chrysanthemum bulbs for taking, and a beautiful canopy tent that was perfect for our swap. We traded chai-spiced nuts, summer fruit crostadas, zucchini bread, salad kits w/ homemade croutons and red pepper dressing, limoncello, blueberry syrup, peach shrub, and a variety of jams.

With new and experienced swappers, we chatted like we were old friends giddy to try our homemade delights. If you haven't been to a swap, join us next time either to swap or to learn all about it... swapping can be addicting, but in the best way possible! :)

- Stephanie

Spice it up!

Chai-spiced almonds. Yum.

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