A few drops of rain and some ominous clouds chased us indoors at Swapper Christy’s home - where we found more than ample space to set up a seriously great swap.

We had a great bunch of brand new swappers, swappers who were returning after a few months away, and some hardcore regulars - and everyone brought their A games.  There was fresh pasta and cucumber pickling sets and goat cheese stuffed milkweed pods and yogurt and sauces and did I mention the tamales!  Go Wing family!

When the sun came out we visited Christy’s chickens and her lovely angora bunny who keeps watch over her gorgeous garden - including a giant pot of water lilies that we thought was really clever.

Thanks to Christy for opening up her home to us all - and to her family for taking care of the straightening up!

- Eve


Swapper Christy was not about to swap her angora bunny - but we did love meeting the sweet fluffy guy.

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